“The first part of the season was perfect!”

“The first part of the season was perfect!”

With her victory in London and a new jump over 200 cm, Blanka Vlašić concluded the first part of the summer season. Blanka’s father and coach Joško Vlašić is also very satisfied with Blanka’s performance so far:

“This was the perfect first part of the season! The people would say 1 for 1. We accomplished everything that we had planned. You see, Blanka is at the forefront of the Diamond League, although she did not participate in the first two meetings, in Shanghai and Eugene. Besides, 200 cm in London, 200 cm in Paris, 198 cm in Oslo… All these results are extremely valuable. Even on occasions when her results were not as good, the reasons lay somewhere else, such as in Sollentuna’s extreme cold.

Now Blanka has a three weeks’ break from competitions until the European Championships in Zürich. Of course, this break does not apply to practice.

press4“We now have a very clear picture of everything and know what we have to do until Zürich. We see this as a period of rest from competitions after two thirds of the season, as we are also counting the winter part. What we have accomplished by these competitions and victories, and even the unsuccessful attempts to clear 201 or 202 centimetres, these are all things that ensure a positive transformation during practice. Not to mention that these jumps over two metres enabled Blanka to come just a little bit closer to the record set by Stefka Kostadinova, who cleared two metres 197 times. This is all very encouraging for Blanka. Based on this, we will complete three weeks of additional preparations and make another step forward. Blanka will improve even more in this period. Of course, the European Championships represent another stress and challenge after this cycle of preparations, but now we can confront these at a very high level. We will be very well prepared for the European Championships!”

Joško already thinks about the season finale.

“Everything after that will just be a bonus. A great result on the Hanžeković Memorial is, of course, very high on our wish list. If her result places her among the first two at the European Championships, she will also compete on behalf of Europe at the Continental Cup in Marrakech… Each competition serves to raise our confidence and indicates a step forward. Blanka has to be patient to arrive at a level where she once was. I am extremely happy to see that the events have unfolded in this way so far!”