The best female high jump athletes compete in Oslo!

The best female high jump athletes compete in Oslo!


Hanžek 360In her comeback appearance at the Diamond League meeting, Blanka Vlasic will compete inprobably the toughest high jump competition in recent years. The director of the meeting in Oslo, SteinarHoen, a former European high jump champion himself, welcomes today’s best athletes on11 June at theBislett stadium.

Also, Oslo welcomes the current holders of all major high jump titles: Olympic Champion – Anna Chicherova (personal record 207 cm), World Champion – Svetlana Shkolina (203 cm), World Indoor Champion from Sopot – Kamila Licwinko (200 cm – indoor) and Mariya Kuchina (201 cm), European Champion – Ruth Beitia (202 cm) and World Junior Champion – Alessia Trost (200 cm – indoor), and of course, not forgetting the current winner of the Continental Cup – Blanka Vlasic (208 cm).

This, however, is not all. Together with Blanka, there will also be one other comeback at the Diamond League. Chaunté Lowe (205 cm), the World Indoor Champion in 2012, returned to jumping at the end of April after becoming a mother for the third time, and managed a height of 196 cm, which is currently the world’s best result outdoors. The spectacular starting list in Oslo concludes with Irina Gordeeeva, who hasn’t yet gained a gold medal, but whose personal record stands at 204 cm…

Frankly, it is difficult to remember a time you could see as many as nine high jump athletes competing in one place, who have all jumped over two metres within their career. If Steinar Hoen’s idea becomes reality, we will see them in Oslo on 11 June.

Interestingly, it has been a while since Oslo has witnessed a jump over two metres. Specifically since 2010, when in fact Blanka Vlasic won with a jump of 201 cm and Chaunté Lowe finishing in second place achieving the same height. In total, Blanka has won four times at meetings in Oslo, with the best result at the Bislett Games in ​​2008, when she successfully jumped 204 cm.