Blanka: Of course I’m excited

Blanka: Of course I’m excited

Nine days before her return to the field at the Diamond League meeting in Oslo, Blanka Vlašić and her coaches talked about their expectations for the forthcoming summer season.

“The season is already in full swing, I have been following all the events and of course I am very excited and eager. The girls have been jumping excellently, the Eugene meeting was particularly good, and I think that, regarding results, this will be the best high jump season in recent years. I am very happy to be starting in Oslo, at what will probably be the strongest high jump competition in recent years,” said Blanka, not wanting to hypothesise on the Oslo results. Interestingly enough, Blanka was the last high jumper to have jumped over two metres in Oslo in 2010, winning the event with 201 cm.

Blanka press6“All I can say is that, during these ten weeks of training, I have fully regained and stabilised my jumping technique. What we have been doing during training can be said to have been quite bold! I am feeling great in every respect, and that is the most important announcement I can make for the forthcoming season,” Blanka added and commented on the excellent results of Ana Šimić: “All of it is the result of the excellent work she has been doing in recent years. Both she and her coach are top-notch people and they deserve everything that is happening to them now.”

Blanka’s father and coach, Joško Vlašić, said that this late start to the season was exactly what Blanka needed after all the injury problems she had in the last few years:

“Perhaps the indoor season did not turn out exactly as we planned, but after these 10 weeks of training I can finally say that this is it. We have worked on everything we needed and the follow-up to this training cycle begins for us on 11 June in Oslo. Despite the arduous training, we are not going to Oslo “unarmed”, we definitely have something to show there.”

When asked when he expected Blanka to be able to reach her previous heights, Vlašić said: “Something like that is impossible without two or three normal seasons, with strong competitions, but I definitely expect to see her at that level again.”

Bojan Marinović is also very pleased with what he sees at the daily trainings: “Blanka is faster, stronger and significantly better at everything than she was before the winter season. The competitions will show just how good she is. This year, we should not expect what some have dubbed “a new Blanka” because that would mean that she would be jumping 210 cm, which will not happen – for now. However, we cannot rule out that will not happen in a year or two!”