Blanka clears 200 cm again!

Blanka clears 200 cm again!

Clearing two meters in the first attempt led Blanka Vlašić to her fourth consecutive victory. This was her 164th jump over 200 cm, which she has attempted to clear at 105 competitions. At the Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games in London she was also very close to 202 cm in all three attempts, but the bar unfortunately fell down three times.

At the improvised competition venue Horse Guards Parade, Blanka felt excellent and cleared all heights up to 202 cm in the first attempt. Ruth Beitia from Spain won the second place with 196 cm, and Chaunte Lowe from USA won the third place with 193 cm.

The results are available HERE.

IMG_3181“I’m very happy to have concluded the first part of the season by clearing two metres. Especially because I cleared all heights in the first attempt, which indicates a step forward in the technical sense. Generally, I was a little more confident today, which could be seen at every height. I feel like the 202 cm were not unattainable either. It seems like this is the path which I must follow and be patient. Congratulations to all my competitors, especially Beitia who pushed me to two metres. I would also like to congratulate the organizers on an exceptional competition and excellent atmosphere,” said Blanka after her new big victory.

Watch Blanka’s video statement HERE.

Photos from Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games watch in Multimedia section.

Blanka’s father and coach Joško Vlašić is also very satisfied with this outcome of her last competition before the European Championships:

press4“This was the perfect first part of the season! We accomplished everything that we had planned. 200 cm in London, 200 cm in Paris, 198 cm in Oslo… All these results are extremely valuable. Even on occasions when her results were not as good, the reasons lay somewhere else (extreme cold in Sollentuna, for example). Not to mention that these jumps over two metres enabled Blanka to come just a little bit closer to the record set by Stefka Kostadinova, who cleared two metres 197 times. This is all very encouraging for Blanka and I am optimistic about the rest of the season.”


Blanka’s next competition is the European Championships in Zürich, on 15th August.